Offshore development may seem cost effective (it can be), it may seem rapid (it can be) and it may seem to produce a high quality product (it can). However, none of this is guaranteed. What is particularly important, given the distances and time zone issues, is that the software development lifecycle is effectively and intelligentlymanaged from the start. Collaborative agile techniques minimise the risk of negative serendipity and through daily standups, short sprints and continuous testing, maximises the likelihood of evolving a great product.

KSP Consulting believes it is very helpful to get to know the development team and to understand local cultural and on the ground considerations, whose importance may not be immediately significant to the project being worked on at the outset.

Some Of The Offshore Work Managed

Converting the database used by a CMS from SQL Server to Oracle.

Adhoc Reporting and Data Management Service.

Development of re-usable Plone CMS and .NET Ecommerce components for specialist interest groups such as orchestras.

Double keying of old documents (rather than scan and OCR).

Testing for a major bank.

Working in India on a large scale development of a procurement system with a  team of over 150 skilled people.

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